Validators can suffer from “Slashing”, a punishment for their bad behaviors, such as double sign and/or instability. Slashed validiators are shown as "in jail" Such loss will not be shared by their delegators.

Slashing is a punitive function that is triggered by a validator ’s bad actions. Getting slashed is losing self delegation of a validator. Validators will be slashed for the actions below:

1. Going offline or unable to communicate with the network.   If a validator missed more than 50 blocks every 24h, the blocking reward for validator will not be relayed to BC for distribution but shared with other better validators. If it missed more than 150 blocks every 24h, then this will be propagated back to BC where another Slashing will happen

2. Double signing. If a validator node tries to split the network by signing two different blocks and broadcasting them, it will be removed from validator set definitely.

offline Jailed time: 2 days. A validator can only unjail 2 days later after it has been jailed

offline slashing amount: 50BNB