1. Seed phrase is only made known to user directly. In the event that is lost, there is no way of recovering it. 

    - We do advice to user to safeguard their seed phrase and do not share with anyone. 

    - If you login from public/shared computer or laptop, please make sure to "Lock" the wallet before walking off. 

2. There are multiple login options made available to user : do leverage these options as well. 

       a. Safulet 

       b. tKey 

3. Recovering of seed phrase is possible only if you are able to login to your account. 

    - Login to your account. 

   - Access account details on the top right corner. 

    - Click on "Settings". 

    - View "Seed Phrase". 

Important Note: Keeping your seed phrases safe is of paramount importance. If they are stolen or lost, your assets cannot be recovered.